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“Am I doing something useful for other people” – Elon Musk

We love this quote, we strive to live by it. Being able to bring a valuable computer repair service to our clients is our greatest pride. We work hard to alleviate all the troubles that come with a malfunctioning computer.

Tired of dealing with insecure techs throwing industry terms at you?

We are a different. No idiots, no salespeople, no B.S. Call and you’ll speak directly with a an experienced tech about repairing your computer. We work hard to provide you with a good experience.

You won’t drain your wallet…

We built this business so we can live stress free. So far we’ve been doing it for 18 years.  Our goal is for you to be happy with our service and recommend us to your friends and family. We would do this for free if we could, money is a nice bonus…

We don’t take on jobs that we can’t do properly

If we feel that your situation cannot be fully handled by us, we do our best to recommend you other options. We cannot be a best fit for everything and if we are not, we simply won’t stress with it.

Convenience.  In-Home Computer Repair

We do our best to get repairs done within the same day. We come to your place and fix most of the computer issues in your home. We do not charge a travel fee for in-home computer repairs in the Salt Lake Valley area.

Flat Fees

Most of our fees are flat fees. You will know in advance how much the system repair will set you back.

Feel Free to Call Us: 801-466-1505

Need Computer Repair?  A Computer Virus Removal? Need any computer help ?

Affordable Computer Repair of Salt Lake City is here to help you with any questions you might have about your computer or situation.

Please call us and we will determine whether your computer really needs a tech or if there is something you can do yourself.

We provide on-site computer repair and troubleshooting both for residential and business customers.


We care about your important computer data!

Need some new Hardware or Software installed?
Get your new computer, peripheral or software up and running in no time.

Peace of mind that all your work is saved and safe.
If needed we will set up a good backup and leave you with some simple but effective backup procedures. This will keep you safe in case your computer should crash in the future.

Resolving computer problems and annoyances.
Diagnosing problems and completing the computer repair is what we do best. We will let you know exactly what needs to be done before we do it. Highly skilled and professional technicians can take care of all of your Salt Lake City – Utah computer repair needs.

High Speed Internet Setup, Sharing and Security
Installation and configuration for one or more computers connected to the Internet. We will setup your wireless connection and make sure all computers are properly protected.

Wiring extra machines up. Configuring Firewall and other network security. Sharing printers, scanners and other resources between computers.

Gadget Help
We can help with cameras, PDA’s, voice recorders and more. Get those cool new gadgets working just right.

Computer Solutions and Training
Finding answers to your technical puzzles is what we do. Let us know what you want to do and we will find a way to do it. We can also come on-site and help you with computer training requirements.

For any kind of computer repair in Salt Lake City, you have found the right place.

Sometimes our techs need to remote in your system.

When instructed click below to download our remote software.